Shay Clemm

Shay: Hey everyone. I just wanted to get on here and tell you a little bit about my story. My name is Shay and I am part of the Barefoot Hustlers myself, and my other half, James. I started this originally in October of last year. I’m an overachiever, so my line in the sand moment is more than one circumstance that led up to me joining the community.

I struggled with hating working for somebody else so that they could get rich off of my hard work. They got the gorgeous houses, and the beautiful vacations, and just everything that I had strived so hard to get. And I was still making minimum wage. I was at their mercy for when I was allowed to spend time with my kids.

And that, in itself, put a struggle on my family. One of my line in the sand moments, regarding that, was when my kids were sitting in their bedroom, shortly after they had gotten home from school, and my daughter wanted to go get ice cream. And it’s just 25 cent ice cream guys, it should be no big deal. I didn’t even have the 25 cents, or the 50 cents for both kids.

I wasn’t making it, paycheck to paycheck. I was making it paycheck to about four days into the second week. And then my daughter decided she wanted to go to the park. Easy, right? Anybody should be able to go to the park. I couldn’t. I had to go to work. My son explained to my daughter that we couldn’t go, because I had to go to work. And I was always working.

And that really hurt. And so, I continued to put them second, unfortunately, because I had no other options. I was a single parent. My grandma passed – work wouldn’t let me go to her last minutes, or her funeral. Another line in the sand. Abused in the past, I had no self confidence. Another line in the sand. This just continued to build.

And so, one day I saw the DGL community, and I didn’t have the confidence that I needed. And since I’ve started, my confidence has grown so much, personally, and it’s improved so many relationships. So I am very grateful for DGL, and everything that it’s done for me. Talk to you guys later.


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