Sara & Dillon Mabe

Dillon: Have you found your passion? Have you found what you’re excited about? What you’re happy about. My name’s Dillon, this is my girlfriend Sara and since joining DGL. The community of DGL has just welcomed us with open arms. And has been a family to us. And growing our business into a successful business. So we were extremely nervous, we were excited at the same time. 

So we had to step out of our comfort zone and … 

Sara: It all came from a quote that we had heard that, nothing good ever comes from your comfort zone. 

Dillon: Exactly. When we came out of college, we were almost destined to work the nine to five. Just as society tell us to. Once we started doing that, we knew instantly that the money was not gonna pay for the bills, the money was not gonna pay for the loans. So, not only that, we were working all the time and barely spending any time with our family, our friends, and each other. 

We learned that that couldn’t be the life for us. So we had to strive out and find something else. So since finding DGL, it has changed our lives. It has changed our days each and every day. We spend more time with each, we do spontaneous things. Traveling, going to sports games, whatever it may be, to spend time together. 

Every day is something new for us and exciting. The awesome thing about DGL that it allows us to do, it gives us time to work anywhere we want. We can take a spontaneous trip anywhere and we can work that day, just as today, we decided to go hiking and this is our office today. So, we wanted to come here and tell you how excited we are about those couple months that are ahead of us in our business. That you can do what we have done. This community is all about striving to make people successful and so it’s really just changed our lives and we’re so excited for y’all to join this journey with us.


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