Nikki Butts

Nicole: Hey guys. My name’s Nicole. And I wanted to hop on here and share my testimony about Digital Genius Lab

Since joining the system, I’ve found such a supportive community that has just completely changed my mindset, changed my outlook on life, on how it’s supposed to be. The support within the community is nothing like I’ve ever experienced.

I was struggling with my marketing business for about a year, up until I found this. And it has completely changed everything. They give us the tools to not only grow our business, but grow as people, as individuals, and help others do the exact same, which is something that I never felt confident in doing. If I brought someone into my business, could I help them grow and succeed? And that’s something that this has allowed me to do. Not only changed my life and my family’s life but everyone around me, without having to reach out to family and friends or sell products online. I’ve been able to reach people in a whole different way and something that will change their lives forever.

So my experience has been absolutely incredible. Since entering the system, I’ve had massive results. It’s just changed everything. So I’m very grateful, very blessed for my mentor and all the guidance and support that I’ve received. So I highly, highly recommend the system, this community, and everything that they stand for. It’s beautiful.


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