Leah Bryant

Leah: You know, I don’t really know exactly what I expected coming into DGL. I was looking for something to do online for over a year. We were a full-time family, and we were stationary and looking for something that would allow us to get back on the road and make the same amount of income that we were already making in our other business. So coming into DGL we just thought, “Okay, they’re going to teach us a skillset, and we are going to pursue this online business, and hopefully it’ll get us back on the road.” That’s kind of the mindset we went in to DGL with. 

Once getting on the other side and being on the inside of DGL, and meeting everyone within the community, we then realized that, wow, this is it. This is exactly what we had been looking for. We instantly connected because there were so many other like-minded people just like us that had the same passion, and we knew that we were going to be able to take this business as far as we wanted to. 

The other thing that was so amazing to me that I didn’t really know that I would get out of DGL coming in was, we were still doing our current business and I was able to apply the skills that DGL taught me within my other business, and that was amazing as well. You know, for us, we kind of realized that we’ve met so many people within the community that are now like our second family within DGL, and that’ll be with us forever. The skillset that we’ve learned within DGL will be with us forever. 

Coming in we only wanted to make enough money to be able to make up for what we were currently making in our business, and now being in DGL we know that we will exceed that, and that we will go even further than we ever anticipated going on an online business. Neither one of us went to school for computers, and we thought that there was no way that we could be successful in the online world, and coming into DGL, DGL has given us that hope, and now that we know that we will be successful online, because it’s the way of the future, and DGL gave us that hope.

My husband was a bit of a skeptic coming in initially, but now seeing the other side we are 100% believers in DGL, and we hope to see you on the inside.


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