Jaylee Mathis

Jaylee: What’s up guys? My name is Jaylee. This is my husband Mike. And we’re from Austin, Texas, but right now we’re at the beach.

Mike: We are. 

Jaylee: We’ve actually been here for a week because we’re living boss life. No, it’s really because we planned a vacation but then I left corporate America so now this is like a just go away and work at the beach kind of thing. But I just wanted to reach out and explain more about when we first jumped into the platform that we’re in right now. Super grateful that we found it. We were initially looking for what, maybe extra income?

Mike: Yeah.

Jaylee: And we weren’t really making ends meet. Even with corporate America. Awesome government, stable job. Yay. He had an awesome job. Love the benefits and everything. But we needed something more so we could go spend more time at places like this. So that’s when we initially jumped in. And my worry was not if I could do it but if I could do it with the time that I had. I was worried because being a mom of two little ones under the age of four, being a wife and being in corporate America, if I had the time to make it happen. And I did.

I made it happen. In fact, I just mustered up every extra 30 minutes I had. I put forth the effort on our business and then it grew into what we have now, which is us doing it full time. Did you have any issues when I first started, or any worries, hesitations?

Mike: I mean, everybody’s skeptical but I mean, you can do it. After you see first thing come in and so.

Jaylee: So you’re a results guy right? 

Mike: Yeah.

Jaylee: Let’s be honest. 

Mike: That’s all I wait for.

Jaylee: It took results to get him on board but now he’s fully on board. Another amazing thing we found were the people. I’m not a people person I would say. I don’t always like a lot of people and actually the people that we found mentors and everything were like minded. They were on the same path as us, on the same mission. Looking for the same goals and things. And just striving, all working towards a main central goal. And that really helped us stay connected and involved because we met really amazing people that are now some of our closest friends.

And other than that I would just say holy cow. The impact that this has made. We’re able to touch people’s lives, not only close to us but in other countries and helping with charities and all that. But really our family’s lives. Our little boys, I told Bryson our now five year old that mommy was quitting. He told me, he’s like yay. And I was like oh, uh oh. Why did you say yay? Because you never know what he’s going to say. And he was like because now we get to go more places. I was like oh my gosh. I didn’t even realize he thought about that at that young of an age.

So impact on everyone. The community. And then ours that we’re raising ourselves. That makes it definitely worth the while. So jump on in guys. Give it a go and see if it’s right for you and your family. Definitely is for us. We’re definitely enjoying the beach. Again, Jaylee, Mike. We’ll catch you guys later.


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