Janae Elizabeth

Janae: So one year ago we were kind of unsure about where our life was headed. We were working a lot of hours through the week, kind of living for the weekends, and not really living the life we had envisioned for ourself. We have two young kids, and we wanted to be out doing awesome things together, having experience, and what we were doing was not giving us the time or financial freedom to do that. That’s kind of when we took a look at our life and thought, “Both of us are almost 30. It’s time to do what we want to do and to make it happen.” That’s when we started looking for different ways that we could maybe do that would get us on to a different path in life.

Speaker 2: Yeah, so we always wanted to do something. We had so many ideas, so many things that we wanted to try out, but we never had the courage to do it, and we decided finally to step in and actually do something, not just think about it and just talk about it. That’s when we stumbled into Digital Genius Lab, and it’s, I think one of the best decisions we have ever taken. It’s kind of funny because every day at work, I did wake up around 5:30, 6:00 in the morning, get to work at 6:30, 7:00, and nobody talked to each other until 9:00, 9:30. Nobody was happy. Nobody was positive. “How’s your day going?” It’s like, “Well, it’s going.” But as soon as we started Digital Genius Lab, it’s like everyone’s happy. Everyone’s supportive. Everyone’s positive, and that’s what we like. We want to have that happiness to be contagious, and that’s what it is is contagious because everyone is just transferring that happiness to us. It’s awesome. We loved it.

The other thing too is they’re there to help us. We’re there to help each other, and we all can have feedback and be able to progress together and help each other. We want all of us to succeed. We don’t want to be above either of each other, right? We want to be together and hand to hand, side to side, right? That’s what I love. Also, we get to help other people, not just help ourselves.

Janae: Mm-hmm . Now that we’ve taken that leap and had that courage to start this business online, we have so many plans for our family and things we’re going to be able to do because we started when we did. This coming fall we’re actually planning on moving to Mexico for a year and running this business from there, being able to spend tons of time together as a family and show people how to do the same thing. We are just super proud to be doing this work, super grateful. It’s brought our family closer together, and we’re just happy to be a part of this community, and that it’s working for us in our life.

Speaker 2: Yeah. That wouldn’t be possible without Digital Genius Lab.

Janae: Yeah.

Speaker 2: That’s the best part.


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