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The Story of Digital Genius Lab

The founders of Digital Genius Lab—Melissa, Sean and Chris—originally wanted to create the most accessible online marketing service available. At the beginning of their journey, they realized such a product didn’t exist. So, they created DGL—a marketing platform that has everything you need to build a profitable business online all in one place at a fraction of the cost.

Sean & Melissa, The Original Power Couple

Sean and Melissa are “The Original Power Couple.” In the beginning of their relationship, they fell deeply in love and realized they needed to experience every moment together. However, the traditional 9-5 lifestyle didn’t allow them to enjoy meaningful time with one another. They embarked a difficult, decade-long journey of forming a business that would allow them to work and play together. As the Original Power Couple, they provide free value to other couples looking to achieve their dream of sharing a truly united, satisfying life. They continue this work, while they focus their business efforts into DGL.

Sean and Melissa have always been ferocious business associates. They are deeply committed not only to one another, but to professional excellence and making a positive, lasting impact.

Early in her career, Melissa excelled in administration and management. Skilled with business contracts, financing and operations, she helped grow a dental practice from nothing to over 7 figures. Her straight forward, no-frills attitude allows her to communicate clearly and concisely. To put it simple, she gets things done.

Sean is a serial entrepreneur. He has owned four different businesses. DGL is his fifth venture. His strengths come from years of studying communication, business, and professional sales, as well as tireless hard work. His biggest success prior to DGL was an electronics company that he grew from $250,000 to over $8,000,000. 

Sean and Melissa’s skills and interests deeply complement one another. But to start DGL and create the lives they truly wanted, they needed one more thing.

Chris “The Idea Guy”

Before Chris partnered with Sean and Melissa, he was a corporate superstar and competed on the hit TV Show American Ninja Warrior. Chris built a portfolio of over 200+ businesses in less than 3 years in the payment technology industry before finally launching his own insurance agency that made over $1,000,000 in revenue per year.

While business was growing, Chris got married and was also building a family. Three months before his first son was born, he was faced with a life changing realization. The business he built was consuming him, and there was no room to be a dad. Chris prioritizes his life in terms of faith, family and work, in that order. He needed to find a better business model to uphold his values.

Chris needed a business that provided a flexible and productive work-life balance.

Sean and Chris had been friends for some time, and had a mutual respect for each other’s business acumen and work ethic. Both of their visions aligned into what is now known as Digital Genius Lab.

The Birth of DGL

Sean, Chris and Melissa decided to create the best online  marketing platform available, with direct-selling capability, and they did. To describe this winning combination, they coined the term “Fusion Marketing.”

In the early stages of DGL, the trio had limited resources. But that didn’t stop them. The three founders bought every online marketing training program available. They studied those products, became acquainted with the competition and created a new option that combined all the best elements of what came before.

After 6 months of working with developers, Digital Genius Lab was born. DGL provides not only a platform, but user-friendly training and support, as well as direct selling capabilities. With this fantastic product, aspiring entrepreneurs have everything they need to successfully market and sell products online, all in one place. Since its launch, DGL has helped countless people find freedom from the 9-5 grind and create new lives and successful businesses.

As DGL grew, Sean, Melissa and Chris saw the need to give back. Years before, during their first date, Sean had asked Melissa how she wished she could impact the world. She said she wanted to provide clean water to communities that need it most. Fast forward, Sean goes white water rafting in Zambia. On the trip, he realized the village didn’t have access to clean water, which deeply disturbed and saddened him. Fast forward a bit more, Sean, Chris and Melissa are at a conference and recognize another internet marketer wearing a t-shirt that read, “NeverThirst.” Curious, Chris asked him what that meant. And the pieces fall into place.

Today, DGL donates 1 percent of their profits to NeverThirst, an organization dedicated to connecting communities to sustainable water resources. This money helps build several wells each year, including one in that village in Zambia.

DGL is not only the best marketing platform and direct-selling product available, it’s also a place with a cause—to end world thirst. Building DGL took dedication and hard work, but the end result is helping people chase their dreams and change their lives.

The Digital Genius Lab is platform for the people, by the people. #PowerOn

For more information, please email digit@digitalgeniuslab.com.