Devon Fitzpatrick

Devon: Hey guys. My name is Devon. I’ve been with DGL since November of last year 2016 … ’17, sorry. I’ve from Canada and I haven’t really stayed longer than two years in a job. I like to move around quite a bit. I’m always thinking if there’s something better out there, if there’s something I enjoy more than what I was doing and I just like trying new things and learning new things. I also like traveling, so some of the reasons that I do that as well is because I don’t want to have to ask for time off and not get it. With seasonal work, it’s easier just to ask for time off and travel. Ultimately, it won’t give me the freedom that I really want to travel. Obviously, the best thing would be to make money while you’re traveling. 

That’s why I joined DGL. Yeah. Also, my passion is wildlife, volunteering for wildlife conservation. As you can see, there’s some eagles behind me. I’m a the Raptor Shelter here in Alberta. I’ve been coming here for a little over a year now and I absolutely love it. Certainly, it’ll give me more time and freedom to come and help these guys out would be awesome. That’s why I love DGL so much. I can’t stress enough the mental benefits of being in this group is what you’ll get. Your mindset will change for the better. You’ll just have a more positive outlook on life. Everyone here is so supportive and awesome and we’re all kind of like minded. We all kind of want the same sort of thing. We all want to see each other succeed and I’ve never seen that before in a business community. 

I’m getting eaten alive here. Yeah. I can’t even explain the changes that have happened. I also do a landscaping job in the summer right now and it can be pretty tough on the body, so some of the products that we have really help actually. I’ve noticed I haven’t been as sore as I usually am, so that’s awesome. Yeah. Just again, the community, I can’t stress enough how awesome they are. Yeah. I just really hope you guys, if you want to fly with eagles instead of clucking with the chickens, DGL is where it’s at. Have a good day, guys. 


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