Brandon Archambault

Brandon Archambault: Hey guys. Here to talk about Digital Genius Lab today. I think one of the mottoes that they really adhere to or want to set an example of out there is this adage of power on, self empowerment. Part of what Digital Genius Lab is all about, is about personal development, developing a mindset that allows you to strengthen your vision in your mind to allow you to get from wherever you are today to wherever it is that you wanna get to in the future.

There’s coaching and guidance along the way. And it’s really about coaching and teaching people how to use technology. And leverage that technology to reach a mass amount of people so that you can be yourself, get your message out there and with some tips and tricks and the skillsets that you learn along the way within the program, it allows you to really accomplish what it is that you’re going after out there. Now even if you’re a complete luddite and you have no experience with technology or making videos or doing posts online or any social media sites. All that coaching is involved and included within this program.

On top a that, there’s an absolutely stellar community of people out there that whenever questions arise and when you’re sitting there and you’re wondering how to do this or how to do that? You’ve always got somebody to be able to reach out to and ask these questions to. And it’s really a community response that’s in there. I’ve never been part of a platform like this ever before where people just genuinely care about one another within the platform. And really care about what your goals are trying to or what you’re trying to accomplish with them regardless of what they might be.

My goals may be different than yours but you know the overall thing is saying, “Hey, this is relevant to my story but I feel like I can go out there and I can do more than what I was doing previously before doing Digital Genius Lab. I wanted to be myself. Throw my own personality in the mix. Be unique and have my story connect with a bunch of other people. And find like-minded individuals out there as well that I can work with and we can help grow an online community together.”

Well at the same time, if it’s your desire then you can go out there and you can travel the world while really establishing your roots within an online community and being able to get your message out there. This is the type of thing that I think with where we are in this day and age, the tools that exist right now are not gonna go anywhere. It’s a matter of being able to grab onto those tools, learn them earlier rather than deferring and putting it off. Because this is how the world works today. It’s not like it was 20 years ago. And being able to learn from some of the best out there is really, really empowering and allows you to really have the self confidence to move forward with accomplishing whatever your vision and whatever your dreams are. Check it out.


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