April Corbett

April: Hi there, I’m April, living untethered and I am actually here today to talk to you about the Digital Genius Lab. I am so happy to be doing this testimonial. I am a loving member of this community. What I love the most is the actual community. I have learned more by joining this community than I learned over the last three years, trying to figure out how to get online. Not only have I learned how to do the basic things but once I kind of master those, there’s always an opportunity to learn more, learn more, learn more, which I love because that allows me to expand beyond what I started doing when I originally joined DGL.

The learning is amazing. Not only is it thorough, it’s updated. It’s updated and it’s not static. Much of the training I looked at was so static. It might have been training that might have been true from six months. Well, six months ago on the internet is eons. This training is updated, ongoing, every time it needs to be. The company itself is super diligent about making sure that we, the community, have all the tools we need to succeed and that is the best part of this membership.

I have paid thousands in education over the years, literally thousands and this membership that I pay for now, is more valuable than any other than that I’ve ever been a part of.


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