Anne Malone

Anne: I’m Anne, and at 67 decided decided to start my own affiliate marketing business. We had sold our own company, and I had to stop playing all the sports I loved because of back surgery. I needed some positivity, some self-worth, some self-confidence in my life. I wanted to be able to get up in the morning and say, “Wow. What a great day it is today,” sit down at the computer, work for a couple of hours and make a good supplemental income for our retirement. I found all of this in the Digital Genius Lab. 

They offer a world class training, which they show you for free at a broadcast, so you can understand and hear, ask any questions you want on exactly how it works. They offer one on one coaching. They have formatted videos for you to install the software into your own computer. They have 30 day and 90 day training, which will make your business succeed. Just because they are there, and they want to help you. It feels as if you’ve started a business at the top, rather than starting building it from the bottom. There’s always mentorship, leadership, and help, support. 

You’re never on your own. If you’re looking for something like this. It’s well, well worth it to go to the broadcast and hear exactly what you’re getting into. It’s not expensive. All little businesses cost some money to start, and this one really does not cost much. Give it a look. It’s so worth it, and I heard the other day that the biggest workforce in the world are people who own their own businesses. So, that’s obviously where the world is going. Isn’t it worth it? The Digital Genius Lab. Give it a chance. 


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