Amy Clair

Amy Clair: Hey everyone. I thought I would just talk to you a little bit about what I found to make a change in my life. I was a night team manager in a worldwide company and working in corporate America, it just didn’t work for me. They were very controlling, they would control when I had to be in the office, they would control when I got to take my breaks, they would control my pay. We got raises at one percent if we were lucky and they would also ask us to do less I mean do more with a lot less people. So it just became very hard to work there, very hard to support management and their way of doing things so I had to find a way out and I did a lot of research. Through my research I found digital genius labs.

What I found was that I don’t have to maintain an inventory. I don’t have to have employees. I’m only responsible for myself. So that was pretty cool especially since I knew I wanted to be in business for myself. It also brought some things that I wasn’t really expecting that are a big bonus. That’s the support and the mentorship. There is tons of support and mentorship and training so that I have people with me every step of the way if I have questions and they take the time to spend with me, answer my questions and get me going onto my next steps.

That is super, super important especially when you’re learning a new skill set that you might not have been totally comfortable with in the beginning. They just help you all the way through the training and get you comfortable so that you can run on your own. Regardless of what your dreams are, whether your dreams are to travel the world or spend more time with your family or RV around the US with your kids or like me, turn your property into a homestead. Regardless of what your personal dreams are, go ahead and take back control because you are the one that’s going to look out for you the best. So I recommend you take back control and create a plan to find your way back to your dreams and to make them become a reality like I’ve done through digital genius lab. So I welcome you to come check it out.


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