Alexandra Reider

What’s up guys, Alex coming at ya here from Pennsylvania. I’m actually home visiting family for a week, but just real quick, I want to show you exactly how easy that was for me. I didn’t have to worry about requesting time off work, asking someone to cover my shifts. I didn’t have to use PTO time to come here. Like I literally just packed up my car, got in it and drove down and I’d like I didn’t have to worry about anything and after this I’m actually going to Canada, Colorado, New Zealand and, that’s just the beginning and I actually just got back from Thailand with 10 other people from this community and I just want to say like being with DGL and digital genius lab has really changed my life so much in the last nine months that to be doing this and not share its benefits with as many people as possible feels honestly selfish to me.

Like I just want to share it. I need others. I need as many people to know, like how, like what we really have here. So a little backstory on me and my experience before I started this journey, I spent the last nine years working for the same company, working myself kind of up the chain of command, doing everything I could to advance. I worked overtime, missed vacations, and I got walked all over for a corporation that honestly could have replaced me before I even blinked. And that’s the truth of it. So I did sacrifice everything I could to make it literally sacrificing myself, like who I was, how I talked, and just how I acted, you know, just faking it to make it. And I’m sure a lot of us are pretty familiar with that term. So still after nine years I learned that my career had come to a dead end.

My loyalty and commitment and hard work didn’t really matter anymore. And that’s when it finally sunk in that, you know, I had wasted the first decade of my working life for nothing. And the worst part is that I was trapped. You know, at this point for working that long for a company. If I had decided to go anywhere else, I would have taken a huge pay cut and that just wasn’t acceptable to me. I didn’t feel like I should have to suffer in that way. So I actually did… ah… I made an even bigger move and I quit my job and without anything lined up I let go of my income and my benefits and my security and it was just, I decided I wasn’t going to waste anymore time being something I’m not and working for someone else.

So I ended up quitting and traveling the country with, with my dog for about eight months. And that was the first time that in my life that I had made a decision that went against everything that society told me was right. I finally did something for me and it turned out to be the most liberating and empowering experience of my life. So shortly after, in that timeline on the road is when the universe kind of landed digital genius lab in my hands. And it’s, I think it’s really funny how the law of attraction works. It’s like when you put that energy out there and you know that you’re ready and you’re dedicated and you’re trying to make that change and you realize your true potential, the universe has this funny way of just kind of like hitting you in the face with something and you’re just like, like what?

And that was kind of my experience with it and in my opinion, I wasn’t going to look away. Like I didn’t want to let that opportunity go. So I grabbed it and ran with it and I didn’t look back. And with DGL, you know, I was able to build my business on the road with pretty much no experience at all and it gave me the ability to continue pursuing my dreams, seeing my true potential and never letting an opportunity pass me by. And with everything that I’ve learned so far, I’d probably say the most that has benefited is my personal development. From this experience, you know, every day I’m able to get up, design my day exactly how I want to and spend my time creating an impact I’m actually passionate about. Watching others attain a life they deserve and watching their mindset’s changed from being clouded with self doubt, to being lifted with self confidence is one of the most rewarding parts of what I do.

And I had to go through the same transition. So, and just not to mention guys like Neverthirst, like such a powerful organization and this business can not only just help you but helps thousands of others in numerous ways. And knowing that I’m a part of that is a feeling like I can’t even describe. I’m just like my outlook on life and my purpose has completely changed in the last nine months. And I’m just forever grateful for what DGL has helped me achieve. And everything I’m about to achieve this year is going to blow up! I’m so stoked! So the growing literally doesn’t stop unless you let it. And I honestly think when we stop dreaming and start doing, that’s when you’re really going to start to see the changes in your life that you’re looking for and you have an entire community to surround you with motivation, support, and guidance. It’s almost impossible not to grow and move forward. It just, you know, your success is going to just depend on your determination and how bad you really want this. You know, for me, I wanted it bad like I was in 100 percent from the very first workshop that I watched and I never looked back. I saw my potential, I saw my future with this and I made it happen. So go check it out for yourselves and I will see you on the other side. I look forward to talking to you. Thanks guys!


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