Aaron Markosky

Aaron: What’s up guys, Aaron here, and I just wanted to give you a little bit about my experience with Digital Genius Lab.

So, I started working online about ten months ago and I actually was able to leave my job after about three months. I’m 23 years old and to be able to leave my job and like, work for myself, I mean it’s just been unbelievable. 

So, to give you a little bit of background I honestly started this because I needed a way to be able to travel more. You know, it’s just been my passion my whole life and everywhere that I worked in the past, I mean, never really enabled me to do that. It was either getting in the way financially, I wasn’t making enough to be able to go where I wanted to go or it was getting in the way of just having the time to be able to travel. I was working too much and I couldn’t actually go the places I wanted to go for the length of time that I wanted to go there. 

So, I ended up you know, just diving into the system, like I said, I was able to leave my job and I actually just left America two weeks ago without a return ticket so, that’s just kind of like what you do, whenever you work for yourself and that’s a really big bee, wow. 

But, I’ve been bouncing around Asia. I’ve actually met up with about nine people who I met online through this business and we just kind of you know, met up, traveled, been working on our businesses together and it’s just been an unbelievable experience. So, I mean, I’m assuming your watching this video and I’m assuming you came to this page for a reason and hopefully that reason is enough to push you into doing it because I like don’t even want to think about where I would be in my life right now if I didn’t do this, honestly. Like, that might sound really extreme but I’m in Thailand right now. I’m living my dream. I work for myself, it’s just been unbelievable ride and if you, watching this, could even have half of the experience I’ve had with this business I promise it’s worth it.

Honestly, I wouldn’t trade it for the world and I’m going to try not to get emotional because this is just been a really, really, really amazing experience and I’m just really, really grateful for the community and the system and everything that it’s brought into my life and hopefully can do the same for you guys as well. 

So, with that being said, I’m gonna go and I hope to see you guys on the inside. Bye. 


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